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Contact Oswego Drug Store at 800-333-4622 or the Ozark Compounding Pharmcy at 866-621-0700

Important Prescription Information
If you’re one of our Joplin area patients who was receiving your prescription at our McClelland Boulevard location, we are still able to provide your prescription from our Oswego store. Please contact us to make arrangements. The Joplin phone numbers will forward to the Oswego location or you may dial it direct at 800-333-4622.

Products and Services at Oswego Pharmacy

Consultations with a Pharmacist
In addition to having specialized laboratory equipment and the experience to custom-prepare pain formulations, we offer another very important ingredient: UNDERSTANDING! Chronic and acute pain often produces anxieties that simply weren't previously a part of the patient's every day life. We can compound a number of pain formulations at your doctor's request, regardless of size, strength or manner of delivery. Whatever works best for you and the doctor is what we're here to do.

Do you have questions concerning hormone balance? While there are many sources of information available today, it may be difficult to decide what is truth and what is hype. Our pharmacists are available for private consultations to help answer your questions and clear up confusion.

We specialize in providing counseling to women and men concerning individual hormone replacement therapy. Information on hormone saliva testing, education on the roles hormones play in our bodies and the types of hormones available today is often provided. A thorough patient history is taken and used with symptoms and test results to customize a recommendation for therapy to you and your physician. We have worked with women of all ages and life-stages, from PMS and infertility to perimenopause and menopause.

Male hormone deficiency can present itself in a number of ways. As women experience health changes in menopause, men can suffer from Andropause. Shifts in mood, lack of interest in work or hobbies, decreased sex drive and lower abdominal weight gain are just a few possible symptoms. The good news is your doctor can request a compounded alternative to synthetic testosterone that can be made in a dosage form you can apply without an injection. Our pharmacists are available to discuss men's health with you, with particular emphasis on male hormone replacement therapy or "andropause."

Consultations are done in person in the pharmacy or on the telephone. Call or email our pharmacists today and let us know how we can help you along the path to good health!

Specialized Dosage Forms

Medications can be compounded into dosage forms that are most appropriate to treat each patient. Desired active ingredient(s) can be compounded into creams, ointments and gels for topical or transdermal administration. In order for medications to be absorbed transdermally, it is critical that an appropriate base and proper compounding technique be used. Medication can be easily measured using an oral topical dispenser.

We're often requested to make medicated lollipops prescribed for sore throat pain, tonsillectomies and lots of other applications. Specialized gels for nausea as an alternative to suppositories for children and adults are also a frequent item requested from our compounding practice.

Convenient applicators can be used to deliver medication directly to an affected site, such as the lips. Compared to oral administration, less active ingredients may be required when a medication is applied topically and the risk of systemic side effects can be minimized. Common dosage forms for human and veterinary compounding include:

• Medicated lozenges
• Medicated lollipops
• Topical & oral sprays
• Otic insufflations
• Creams, lotions and gels
• Modified release capsules
• Sugar-free, dye-free preparations
• Preservative-free formulas
• Geriatric dosages
• Hospice formulations
• Pediatric dosages
• Nasal sprays
• Lip balms
• Oral troches
• Suppositories
• And many more
• Customized Veterinary Preparations

Pharmacists, pet owners and veterinarians can work together to improve and maximize the therapeutic success and compliance of pets, exotics and zoo animals.

We make pet pleasing flavors:

• Apple for horses
• Chicken & beef for dogs, cats and tigers
• Banana for tropical birds
• Orange for gerbils
• Lemon-custard for reptiles
• Many choices available

We customize medication strengths:

• Cats and dogs
• Matched to the animal rather than the animal to the medication

We prepare unique methods of medication delivery:

• Transdermal, anti-inflammation gel
• Transdermal anti-motion sickness medication

We compound medications that are not commercially available.

We compound sugar free and preservative free formulas as well. Please contact us regarding your pet's medicinal needs.
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